Dead Silence - Main Theme on Piano

Смотрите на нашем свадебном сайте Dead Silence - Main Theme on Piano

Feel free to comment, like, share or subscribe, it helps a lot! :) Sheet music: Buy this song on Loudr: (also on iTunes) Support me on Patreon: Like me on Facebook: Follow me on Google+: Follow me on Twitter: ► If you like my videos, consider support me by giving a donation. It actually translates into being able to provide more content or not, to whether be around in the upcoming months or to abandon this activity. Thank you very much! \(^-^)/ \(^-^)/ This is me playing "Dead Silence - Main Theme" on piano arranged by myself. This is in my opinión one of the most powerful and scariest themes I've ever played, I hope I can bring to you a great experience with my playing. Piano: Yamaha p-155b, Sheets: Edition: Sony Vegas 11.0 Composer: Charlie Clouser. © The original music belongs to their respective owners. All rights reserved.

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